Warang Cahaya – Bali’s Best Local-style Crispy Pork Rice With Damn Good Sambal Matah

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Warung Cahaya

Warang Cahaya’s crispy pork rice with sambal matah is one of our all-time favourite things to eat in Bali.

This nondescript local eatery is as old school and local as you can get. It looks super unassuming but what do you know? It has one of Bali’s best local-style crispy pork rice!

This is one eatery we always return to over the years and we have never once been disappointed.

Warung Cahaya Crispy Pork Sambal Matah

Warang Cahaya in Legian is a gem. There is nothing quite like enjoying a plate of unpretentious Indo-style crispy pork and chicken rice with kickass sambal matah, and that’s exactly what you would get here.

Inexpensive and every bit authentic, the crispy pork rice is really just a simple but very comforting serving of, well, crispy pork and rice and raw chilli. There is also a chicken option if you are not a fan of pork.

Warung Cahaya Chicken Rice Sambal Matah

The menu is concise and straightforward. Just pick your choice of meat. And regardless of your choice, you’d have to enjoy it with the raw chilli that’s made in-house. That is the game changer. Indonesians are known for their sambal and here at Warang Cahaya, they use sambal matah as a condiment for all their rice options.

For the uninitiated, sambal matah is actually Indonesian raw spicy shallow salsa and mainly comprises onions, chilli and lime. It can be really spicy so if you can’t hold your chilli well, go easy.

Warung Cahaya Bali

The prices at Warang Cahaya are averagely RP40,000 per portion, and we advise you to go early lest be disappointed. They usually sell out on their pork shortly after lunch hours.

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