The Garden Kitchen – Seafood & Zi Char Ala Carte Buffet From $19.90++ Onwards, Or 3 Crabs At $49.90 Nett

Perhaps like me, you would need to google where “10 Raeburn Park” is. It is actually near Tanjong Pagar and Outram MRT station (say a 10 – 15 minutes walk), and within the compound you would find a hidden local seafood and zi char restaurant. The Garden Kitchen at Raeburn Park which is newly opened
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Perhaps like me, you would need to google where “10 Raeburn Park” is.

It is actually near Tanjong Pagar and Outram MRT station (say a 10 – 15 minutes walk), and within the compound you would find a hidden local seafood and zi char restaurant.

The Garden Kitchen at Raeburn Park which is newly opened has one mission: to serve delectable cuisine from the heart.

With more than 30 years of culinary mastery, Head Chef Danny Shum leads The Garden Kitchen in dishing out a variety of Western and Asian delights, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean fare, but his team’s strength is in zi char.

Here you can enjoy multiple cuisines all under one roof and at affordable prices. $49.90 Nett for 3 crabs? Wow.

And if you decide to stay home, they offer island-wide delivery to bring seafood cravings to your doorstep. Delivery fee is $15.00 but if you order $50.00 and above, that delivery fee is waived.

Or you can drop by to pick up your orders.

A seafood paradise for Singaporean foodies, The Garden Kitchen is well known for its crabs – serving over 2,000 fresh crabs every month. Its menu features classic and premium crab recipes to tease your taste buds. Would recommend reservations as only limited stocks are available daily. Here are some of its signature dishes:

Chilli Crab ($49.90 for 3 crabs)
Under the menu in “Classic Crab Recipes”, you would find the chef signature dish Chili Crab, Singapore’s iconic dish.

The Garden Kitchen uses quality Sri Lankan Crabs shipped fresh from the supplier.

An order gives you three meaty crabs each weighing 300 – 400g for only $49.90 nett. For bigger appetites, upsize to heavier and meatier crabs weighing 500 – 600g for $79.90 nett.

The crabs are wok-fried then slow-cooked in a thick, sweet yet savoury, chilli-tomato sauce.

However, compared to the usual styles which has a stronger sweet tomato flavour, this version had a slight spicy kick towards the end.

Complete your Singaporean-style crab experience by sopping up the gravy with fluffy fried Chinese buns mantou. Get 10 pieces for $8.00.

Salted Egg Crabs ($49.90 for 3 crabs)
What was once a craze became a classic recipe not to be missed by crab-lovers. Salted Egg Crabs feature the appetising flavour and exciting texture of salted egg yolks.

First the live crabs are steamed, then stir-fried in a home-made rich, grainy sauce.

The addictive gravy is made with sauté chopped garlic, chili padi, pepper, butter and mashed salted egg yolks.

Over here, they do not use the usual powdered salted egg yolks, but made from scratch.

You would get a hint of curry from some curry leaves too. Mouth-watering, and the top-seller here.

Butter Cream Crabs ($49.90 for 3 crabs)
Other classic crab styles here include Black Pepper, Spicy Gan Xiang and Butter Cream. Lao ban niang Lady Boss recommended the Butter Cream Crabs.

Combining the tantalising aroma and flavour of butter and the creaminess of evaporated milk, this sauce is further spiced with bird eye chilies and infused with some curry leaves.

I thought that the sauce could afford to be richer for more decadence, though it still went well with the sweet and succulent meat of Sri Lankan crabs.

Seafood Pao Fan ($58, $108, $188)
Not to be missed is Seafood Pao Fan, a comfort dish inspired by Teochew-style cooking.

It is a beautiful melange of fresh seafood and fragrant Jasmine rice (“fan” means rice in Mandarin) submerged (“pao” is “to submerge”) in a light and savoury seafood orange-tinged broth.

Unlike a porridge where rice grains are simmered in liquid until soft, the rice grains in this Pao Fan are first steamed, then drenched in broth to serve.

The draw to me was its flavourful soup with seafood flavours, that would be extra comforting during the cooler weather.

Along with a Sri Lankan crab, you get lobster, prawns, scallops, and sea clams. Adding textural contrast to the dish is a sprinkling of crusted rice upon serving.

Order this dish in 3 sizes (L, XL, XXL), starting off with the large for $58, good for 2 to 3 pax.

Black Truffle Lobster with Noodle ($38, $68)
Under the Truffle series, there are dishes of Black Truffle Pork Ribs Bee Hoon, Black Truffle Vegetarian Fried Rice, Black Truffle Mixed Mushroom, Black Truffle Scallop, and Black Truffle Stir Fry Oyster Mushroom with Kailan.

The Black Truffle Lobster with Noodle features a succulent lobster with heady aroma of truffle.

This signature dish uses a thin style of Hong Kong noodles almost like angel hair pasta, and has a more Western-style of presentation.

Cheese & Wasabi Prawn ($25, $36)
From the zi char prawn dishes, order the Cheese & Wasabi Prawn, a set of 8 daintily-coloured prawn balls.

The contrasting flavours of cheese and wasabi is a surprising match you won’t find elsewhere.

Perfect for sharing with your eating partner, or enjoy by yourself as you explore the polar opposite tastes. I hear that for families, the parents normally prefer the wasabi side, while the kids would savour the creamy cheese prawns.

Herbal Wine Lala In Stone Pot ($20, $30)
Another home-style dish you can try is Herbal Wine Lala in Stone Pot.

The mild, naturally sweet and briny flavour of clams complements the splash of herbal wine infused into them.

Cooked and presented in a stone pot, this bowl is kept warm to sooth your hunger away.

I think this restaurant is quite strong in their broth type of dishes, so I would say first-timers can go for this or the Pao Fan.

Yam Paste with Gingko Nut ($6)
For dessert, the Orh Nee or yam paste with gingko nut is recommended, though there are also Mango Pudding, Roselle Flower Jelly, and even New York Cheese Cake.

Also Teochew-inspired, this traditional dish is made with steamed yam that is pureed and blended with water, coconut milk and sugar.

The smooth-blended paste is steamed until set. As a finale, it is served topped with steamed ginko nuts. Loved that it was neither too heavy nor sweet.

Quite a befitting end to the filling meal, but wait…

Bubble Tea ($3.90, +$0.50 for pearls)
There is also a range of Bubble Tea with Classic, Earl Grey, Roasted Oolong, and Matcha, for those who have sudden cravings.

The Garden Kitchen July Buffet Menu
The Garden Kitchen has also just launched a seafood + zi char ala carte buffet lunch and dinner with FREE-FLOW Bubble Tea. Refer to menu here.

The dinner buffet menu includes one serving of Crab (chilli, salted egg, gan xiang, black pepper or butter) OR Cheese Baked Lobster. Other premium items (one serving only) are Braised Abalone with Broccoli, Deep Fried Marble Goby, and Steamed Scallops with Minced Garlic and Glass Noodles. (These are not available in the lunch buffet.)

Available daily with timing as follows:
Lunch Buffet: 11am – 3pm ($19.90++ for adult, $9.90++ for children 12 years and below)
Dinner Buffet: 6pm – 10pm ($39.90++ for adult, $19.90++ for children 12 years and below)

– Minimum 3 pax per reservation
– 90 minutes duration per pax
– One dines FREE with every 3 paying adults
– On a first-come-first-served basis
– Reservations highly recommended at (+65 8125 8827)
– Dishes for dine-in and strictly no takeaways
– Excessive wastage of food will be charged as per normal selling price of dish

The Garden Kitchen
10 Raeburn Park #01-28 Singapore 088702
Tel: +65 8125 8827
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Garden Kitchen.

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