Tampines 1 Food Guide – For Anzu Tonkatsu At Don Don Donki, Luncheon Meat Fried Rice At Tim Ho Wan, Iberico Pork Char Siew At Tun Xiang

Located right beside Tampines MRT is Tampines 1, a trendy mall and iconic retail landmark in the East. Don’t forget to head over to Century Square with quite a number of NEW F&B there as well. With more than 180 retail and dining shops, it has everything and more to cater to the young and

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Located right beside Tampines MRT is Tampines 1, a trendy mall and iconic retail landmark in the East. Don’t forget to head over to Century Square with quite a number of NEW F&B there as well.

With more than 180 retail and dining shops, it has everything and more to cater to the young and young-at-heart.

Restaurants and café at Tampines 1 include Fluff Stack, A-One Claypot House, Dian Xiao Er, Lau Wang Claypot Delights, iSteaks, Monster Curry, Sushi Express, Sanook Kitchen, Shabu Sai, Streats Café, Sushi Tei, The Sushi Bar, and more.

Here are 8 more new places foodies can check out at Tampines 1 :

Gochi-So Shokudo
Tampines 1 #03-K2
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm Last order 9pm (Sun – Thurs), 11:30am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Charcoal Grill Iberico Don and Freshly Fried Bellota Tonkotsu
Japanese casual dining joint Gochi-So Shokudo presents a unique experience through its Iberico pork cuisine specialty. Its focused menu uses different cuts of Iberico pork in various Japanese dishes.

Using only the finest grade charcoal, they bring out the best in grilling Campovilla Premium Iberico pork. This top-grade meat has a delicate melt-in-your-mouth marbling and a distinctively nutty flavour.

Savour charcoal grilled Iberico pork through the Charcoal Grill Iberico Don series. This includes Japanese rice bowls like Iberico Jowl Don ($14.80), Iberico Belly Don ($10.80), Iberico Collar Don ($11.80), Iberico Shoulder Don ($11.80), and Secreto Belly Don ($12.80).

Bestseller Iberico Jowl Don features Iberico pork cut from the lower part of the head beneath the jaw. Rich in fat with a lean centre, this extremely tender meat is grilled and infused with a rich shoyu flavour. Served with poached egg on bed of steamed Japanese pearl rice. A dish so popular it sells an average of 100 bowls per day!

Menu also features popular plates of Curry Rice such as Bellota Loin & Cheese Roll Tonkatsu Set ($23.90), Bellota Loin Katsu Curry ($16.80), Mille Feuille Shoulder Katsu Curry ($15.90) and Tenderloin Katsu Curry ($18.90).

Bellota Loin & Cheese Roll Tonkatsu Set is highly recommended for cheese lovers who enjoy the crunchy exterior of a tonkatsu. The Iberico de Bellota lomo is a rich and tender boneless loin with a thin layer of fat on the outside.

The loin is rolled with cheese, then freshly breaded and deep-fried ‘til golden brown. This classic meal is complete with Japanese rice, miso soup and cabbage salad.

Tun Xiang
Tampines 1 #03-K1
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm Last order 9pm (Sun – Thurs), 11:30am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Iberico Pork In Nanyang-Style Dishes
At Tun Xiang Nanyang Delight, everyone can afford to taste Iberico pork. Like Kurobuta in Japan, Iberico pork is a premium ingredient offered in upscale restaurants across Spain.

Tun Xiang takes pride in offering this premium meat in its dishes at a reasonable price.

Menu features hearty mains like Signature Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew, Roasted Chestnut Pork, and Iberico Pork Collar Char Siew paired with noodles or rice ($9.50 for medium, $12.90 for large).

The Signature Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew Rice or Noodles feature moist and firm textured pork belly transformed into a blackened char siew.

It has a complex, intense flavour with distinct note of sweetness. Served with a bouncy egg and your choice of rice or noodles, tossed in a secret-recipe dark sauce.

The Roasted Chestnut Pork Rice or Noodles delivers a crackling crispy skinned roasted pork. Enjoy the crunch of these bite-sized pork together a silky yolk from a bouncy egg, topped over either Japanese rice or wanton-style noodles.

You can complement them with sides such as Deep-Fry Iberico Pork with Fried Beancurd ($5.20), Iberico Pork Glutinous Rice ($5.20), Curry Iberico Pork Collar with Mixed Vegetables ($5.20), Deep-fry Iberico Meat Ball ($7.20) and Iberico Prawn Roll ($7.20).

Tampines 1 #03-K3/K5
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Taste The Sweet Life of Paris at Délifrance
Since it began operating in Singapore 36 years ago, Délifrance has spread joie de vivre through authentic and traditional French delicacies.

With this new café-bakery outlet in the East, it has become a cornerstone for fresh, healthy, and convenient food.

Make every day delicious with mains like Beef Stew ($14.80), Potato Gratin ($7.90), Deli Potato ($8.90), Baked Rice ($13.80), Chicken Ham Carbonara Pasta ($13.80), Aglio Olio ($13.80), and Lasagne ($14.80).

For a lighter meal, grab the all-star Croissant Sandwich featuring Delifrance’s signature crisp and flaky butter croissant with assorted filling. Variants include Egg D’vine ($7.50), Chicken D’light ($8.20), Tuna D’licious ($8.20), Seafood D’sire ($8.50)

Get any 2 Croissant Sandwiches for only $12.90 (not valid with other discounts or promotions).

Also try the new Crown Danish ($5.20) that comes in three fruit filling variants – Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry or Peach.

A balance of sweet and tart flavours, each Danish as a soft dough, and crisp buttery flakes that crumble as you bite. Dusted with confectioners’ sugar for an extra kiss of sweetness.

Tim Ho Wan
Tampines 1 #01-43/44
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 9:30pm (Sat, Sun)

Hong Kong Dim Sum Specialist with Golden Reminiscence Series
Long before Tim Ho Wan became a Michelin sensation, it began as a “hole-in the-wall eatery” in Hong Kong.

Today, it is recognised for its quality authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum at wallet-friendly price. Tim Ho Wan has created award-winning products with refined flavours that are consistent in taste.

Dim sum and mains are always fresh as they are made daily in-house and cooked only upon order.

Loyal fans of Tim Ho Wan have loved their signature items like Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Pork & Shrimp Dumplings, Pork Congee with Century & Salted Eggs, Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, and Hong Kong Braised Beef Noodles.

For a limited time only, do check out their “Golden Reminiscence” series featuring “golden” dishes like HK Golden Curry La Mian with Fried Chicken Chunks ($11.80), Golden Shrimp Wanton with Sweet and Sour Sauce ($7.80).

Like some heat? Try the Hot & Spicy Sesame Steamed Chicken ($11.80) made using poached cut chicken. A home-made savoury dressing with chili oil and 10 kinds of spices is drizzled over the tender meat to pack in the flavour. Garnished with aromatic sesame seeds, grated peanuts, and fresh coriander leaves.

For a heavier and more satisfying meal, go for the XO Sauce Luncheon Meat Fried Rice with Pork Chop ($12.80). A special in-house XO sauce made using premium ingredients is tossed into the rice, stir fried with luncheon meat and deep-fried pork chop. A comforting, meaty all-in-one rice dish to fill you up.

Tai Cheong Bakery
Tampines 1 #B1-24
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Famous For Egg Tarts, With Newly Launched Lao Po Bing
Known as the pioneer of cookie crust for egg tarts, Tai Cheong Bakery started in 1954 and remains one of the most historic bakeries in Hong Kong.
Since it arrived in Singapore shores in 2016, their traditional Chinese pastries are popular choices for breakfast and teatime.

The original Egg Tart ($2) is a Tai Cheong signature, made with fragrant butter crust carrying a light and velvety smooth custard. This egg-ceptional melt-in-your-mouth filling gives you a delightful mouthfeel.

Flavours like Pandan ($2), Coconut ($2.70), and the must-try Mao Shan Wang Durian & Cheese ($3.90) are also happiness packaged as a tart.

Have a sweet cake with a local flavour with the Pandan Chiffon Cake ($1.80) and Lao Po Bing ($2.50).

The “wife biscuit” is a traditional Cantonese pastry with a thin crust of flaky golden-brown pastry topped with sesame seeds. This new-in-the-menu item fuses creativity with tradition, handmade from scratch by Tai Cheong’s Hong Kong chef – cradling a semi-sweet filling of winter melon.

On the savoury side, they offer Chicken Pie ($3), Char Siu Pie ($3.50) and Char Siu Bolo Bun ($2.80). Also look out for their soon-to-be-launched festive items.

Tampines 1 #01-38
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 10pm (Fri – Sat)

Leading Taiwanese Bubble Tea Brand Using 100% Fresh and Natural Ingredients
Milksha which focuses on natural, handmade, and unique milk beverages, has opened at Tampines 1.

Since it began in 2004, Milksha has been using 100% natural milk and natural ingredients in all its products.

Everything at Milksha is fresh and handmade from scratch in the store – – they do not include any preservatives, chemical additives, and artificial colourings.

Bestsellers include Fresh Taro Milk ($5.60), Earl Grey Tea Latte with Honey Pearls (4.80) made with Sri Lankan earl grey leaves, Refreshing Orange Green Tea ($4.20) made with freshly squeezed Taiwan oranges, Brown Sugar Milk ($4.60), Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk ($4.80) and Azuki Matcha Milk ($5.60).

The Fresh Taro Milk is made with unique taro from Dajia (大甲), a coastal district in Taichung, Taiwan. These air-flown taro are steamed and hand-mashed daily before they are blended with fresh milk. Sip it pure or add toppings like honey pearls, grass jelly, pudding, or taro balls for extra texture.

Miss Japan? The sweet and earthy Azuki Matcha Milk will take you right to it, while featuring matcha powder imported from Izumo Tousuien (桃翠園), a 100-year-old tea brand. To preserve its quality, matcha is first chilled and vacuum-packed, then directly air-flown to Singapore.

For a more classic drink (perfect for kids), get the Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk featuring premium Valrhona cocoa powder from France. Mixed with fresh milk, this becomes an indulgent treat.

Flash Coffee
Tampines 1 #B1-K5
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

Affordable Specialty Coffee Chain With Exciting Creations
Flash Coffee is a grab-and-go specialty coffee chain, and one of the fastest growing tech-enabled coffee chains in Asia. It positions itself as an affordable specialty coffee chain, with prices starting from $2.50.

What sets them apart from regular cafes is its award-winning menu.

Curated by World Latte Art Champion Arnon Thitiprasert, it features high-quality drinks at accessible pricing. All cups are brewed with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.

Graduate from the classic espresso drinks and move up to signature creations like Avo (Avocado) Latte ($5.80), Oatly Cappuccino ($4.80), Espresso Tonic ($4.80) – their take on Gin & Tonic, Lychee Espresso Soda ($5.40), Macadamia Latte ($4.80), Nutella Latte ($5.80) and Milo Dinosaur Shake ($4.80).

Avo Latte is a unique espresso concoction made with a special avocado sauce. Sip into the creamy, silky frothed milk and taste hints of gula melaka.

For a trip down memory lane, order the Milo Dinosaur Shake. This non-caffeinated beverage is perfect when you want to unwind and relax. Leave your worries behind and enjoy its cool and smooth blend of Milo and cream.

Tampines 1 #02-28/29/30
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Immerse Yourself In Experiential Retail And Japanese Food Takeaways
Little introduction needed for DON DON DONKI, the bright and bustling store full of interesting retail and food items, and that ear-worm signature tune.

This Japanese brand specialty store (known as Don Quijote in Japan) carries a wide range of lifestyle products and food from groceries, fresh produce, hard-to-find Japanese snacks, bento sets to seasonal specials.

More than a place to shop for essentials, this is where you go to spend time and shop as a leisure activity.

Gourmands will enjoy exploring aisles featuring produce, fish, meat, delicatessen, confectionery & packaged foods, and other Japanese delicacies.

You can even find seasonal fruits and veggies like peaches, melon, grapes, and apples imported from Japan. Premium quality meats direct from Japan are also available, as well as fatty and fresh salmon sushi.

If you are looking for a fuss-free takeaway meal, look out for the Tonkatsu. DON DON DONKI has collaborated with Anzu, a farm-to-table concept from Kyushu renowned for its authentic tonkatsu.

Try the Anzu Pork Loin & Tenderloin Bento ($16.80) and find out why fans rave about this breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. Comes with rice, tamago, pickled ginger, and veggies.

For a savoury, good-for-sharing snack, get the Hokkaido Margarite Pizza ($15.90) laden with tomato sauce made from a Japanese recipe. Topping is minimal yet satisfying with Hokkaido white mozzarella cheese strewn all over.

Do check out their Brown Sugar Taiyaki ($3.90) a Japanese fish-shaped snack filled with brown sugar. Once fried, it becomes crispy on the outside and exudes a brown sugar aroma.

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