Supreme Pork Chop Rice 一品排骨饭 – Old-School Hidden Taiwanese Pork Chop Eatery, Now With Islandwide Delivery

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Even if you frequent Bugis and Beach Road areas, you may just walk past this Bulkhaul House without giving a second look.

There is a prominent red signboard at the corner of the building that reads “一品排骨饭 Supreme Pork Chop Rice”, but perhaps only regulars would think about going in and walking downstairs.

So yes, there is actually an eatery downstairs, caught in time, like how life was in the late 1990s.

I must have had Supreme Pork Chop Rice 一品排骨饭 a couple of times throughout the years, when it first opened at Victoria Hotel during 1995.

But it moved to a few locations, and not everyone tracked.

The Taiwanese-style stall is opened by a former Taiwanese basketballer.

Unfortunately, I would imagine that their business would be affected with COVID-19 and the closure and redevelopment of Shaw Tower right opposite.

On the menu are items such as Pork Chop Rice, Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Chop, Taiwanese Fish & Chip (each $6 per plate), in which you can switch your rice with noodles, fries, or fried mantou.

The star of the plate is the pork chop. The pieces are crispy, thinly battered, lean yet tender, not fatty, well-marinated, with a light fragrance of five-spiced powder.

Not oily and greasy, and you don’t feel guilty having more pieces.

Some may draw comparison between this fried rice with Din Tai Fung’s, but the difference couldn’t be greater.

The food here is rather “home-feel”, rice is without the frills and wok-hei, and the accompanying cabbage soup like what a Taiwanese mum would cook for her family.

Nothing too fanciful, but just comforting food.

Between the rice and noodles, I personally usually prefer to get the soft, flat noodles drenched with sauce.

Also available is Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan or Noodles accompanied with “Gong Wan” or Meatball Soup ($7).

Not quite like the usual styles in which the meat would be chopped to small pieces, this bowl had bigger chunks of tender braised pork belly pieces.

But I thought that the weaker link would be the rice – could be warmer and fluffier with short-grain rice.

Islandwide Delivery
Supreme Pork Chop Rice is offering islandwide delivery through a 3rd party provider (All delivery fees are paid fully to the drivers.)
– 5km Radius > $5
– Islandwide Delivery > $10
Timing from 11am to 7pm.

Click this link to order.

– Pork Chop Rice/Fries/Noodle/Fried Mantou ($6)
– Chicken Cutlet Rice/Fries/Noodle/Fried Mantou ($6)
– Chicken Chop Rice/Fries/Noodle/Fried Mantou ($6)
– Taiwanese Fish & Chip/Rice/Noodle/Fried Mantou ($6)
– Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan/Noodle w 2pcs Meatball Soup ($7)
– Additional Pork Chop/Chicken chop/ Chicken Cutlet/ Fried Fish ($3)
– Change to Fried Rice with Egg (additional $0.50)

Supreme Pork Chop Rice 一品排骨饭
67 Beach Rd, Basement Singapore 189688
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 7:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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