Shinsho Ramen – Modern Ramen Shop By Hiryu With Amazing A4 Wagyu Ramen & Japanese Tacos

We were pretty bored of the ramen choices in Singapore for a while, until Shinsho Ramen opened in mid-2020 and disrupted the scene. Very soon after, they became our favourite ramen shop in Singapore and we are hopelessly hooked to … Continue reading →

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We were pretty bored of the ramen choices in Singapore for a while, until Shinsho Ramen opened in mid-2020 and disrupted the scene. Very soon after, they became our favourite ramen shop in Singapore and we are hopelessly hooked to those marvellous bowls of ramen.

Founded by Chef Raymond Tan—the Chef Owner of renown omakase restaurant, Hiryu—Shinsho Ramen is an affordable ramen joint with a carefully-thought menu of interesting appetizers and side dishes, and a very stellar ramen selection that will leave even the connoisseurs mind-boggled.

Ever passionate about serving his customers with nothing but the best, Chef Owner Raymond Tan and Executive Chef Liang Neo spent months working on Shinsho Ramen’s menu, and with their expertise and connections to the best suppliers, you can be assured that you will only be eating premium, superior ingredients.

Shinsho Ramen is currently having a 1-for-1 ramen promotion for their Truffle Chicken Ramen exclusively at their GR.ID outlet.

Shinsho Ramen has 2 outlets in Singapore currently, and the menu is largely similar, with the GR.ID outlet having tacos exclusive to them, and the SingPost Centre having an additional donburi menu.

But let’s first talk about the star of Shinsho—which is the paitan ramen. The broth is standardized and they are all paitan-tonkotsu. Boiled for more than 24hrs with chicken carcasses and pork bones, look forward to a full-bodied milky white broth that is creamy, sweet and extremely satisfying. We’ve always been more drawn to pork bone broth, but Shinsho’s version is a really impressive balance of chicken and pork, with neither being overpowering; it’s a really smooth flavour that will please anyone.

The ramen menu consists of the regular options such as the Aged Soy Sauce (S$14.90), Spicy Red Miso (S$16.90), Homemade Black Garlic (S$15.90) and Special Black Truffle (S$17.90). All are very affordable and comes in a reasonable portion for one, with an assortment of toppings such as cha siu, bamboo shoots, grilled baby corn, spring onion and hanjuku egg.

Shinsho Ramen also has other unique and fusion flavours such as Mala Ramen and Chashu Curry Tsukemen. Be warned, though. The Mala Ramen is super spicy and it is not for the faint-hearted.

Want a more leveled-up version? There is a special ramen menu which comprises some pretty lavish versions: Half Rock Lobster (S$48), Pork Ribs with Teriyaki (S$19.90, and our favourite Kuroge Wagyu A4 (S$54).

The wagyu ramen was the highlight of our meal and it deserves another trip down. 2 slices of A4 wagyu (~110g) are added to the bowl raw, and the boiling broth will cook the wagyu slices lightly, giving it a tender texture with every bite melting in your mouth.

The marriage of paitan-tonkotsu broth and premium wagyu slices is brilliant, and this Kuroge Wagyu A4 ramen is definitely the best bowl of ramen we’ve had in Singapore.

Who needs cha siu in your ramen when you can have wagyu slices?! Trust Chef Raymond and his team to always take things up a notch.

At the GR.ID outlet, there is a special taco menu that is worth a trip down. Instead of your usual tortilla wrap, Chef Raymond sourced for good seaweed slices, coated them with a housemade batter, then deep-fried the seaweed which will then become the shells for the taco.

And the fillings are nothing you would expect: mala crayfish, crab tobiko, salmon avocado, wagyu cheese curry, torched mentaiko prawn and scallop with caviar. They are nothing like your usual tacos; these modern fusion tacos both photogenic and unbelievably delicious. Extra points for creativity!

Also on Shinsho Ramen’s menu is a small selection of buns. Mantou is being deep-fried, and tucked with a choice of fried pork loin, sliced roasted pork belly and fried bread crumbs chicken—all at only S$4.90 each. If ramen isn’t for you, perhaps you can go for one of each buns. The kids will love this too!

Shinsho Ramen has plans to open more outlets in 2022 and we are definitely keeping our fingers crossed that they will open an outlet nearer to our home. Until then, you can find them at SingPost Centre or GR.ID Mall.

Shinsho Ramen

SingPost Centre
10 Eunos Rd 8, #01-136,
Singapore 408600
+65 6980 5596

GR.ID Mall
1 Selegie road, #02-02,
Singapore 188306
+65 98792928

This post was brought to you by Shinsho Ramen.


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