Hua Jia Fen From Hai Jia Chi – Supper Addictive Spicy Lala Clam Noodles

Hai Chi Jia Spicy Lala Clams Noodle

Following the popularity of the Mala Oden is the Spicy Clam Noodles, or better known as Hua Jia Fen.

Also brought in by, this instant noodles from China is the trending snack in both China and Singapore now and the cartons of stocks have been selling like hotcakes since its launch.

It is quite different from the Mala Oden, but no less satisfying.


Hai Chi Jia Spicy Clams Noodles Ingredients

The Hua Jia Fen is a less spicy version as compared to the Mala Oden. By the famous Hai Chi Jia in China, every cup packs a punch and will leave you salivating for more.

Hai Chi Jia Spicy Clams Noodles

Each cup comes with a serving of potato noodles (or what we affectionately known as tang hoon), veggie pack, enoki mushrooms, real clams and spices. Mix them all in the cup, fill the cup with hot water (don’t fill it to the brim less it becomes too diluted), let it sit for about 5 minutes, and your snack is ready for enjoyment!

Slurp up the noodles that are coated with the soup. The soup is a slightly nutty and slightly sweet one that is dangerously addictive. Complete with real sweet clams and a handful of enoki mushroom, the Hua Jia Fen makes a fantastic midday snack and supper.

Hao Chi Jia Hua Jia Jiang Hu Clams Noodles

Can’t take spicy food? Don’t worry, the Hua Jia Fen is not spicy like the Mala Oden. We would say the spice level is 2 out of 5, and shiok-ness level is 5 out of 5.

Hua Jia Fen HaI Chi Jia

The Hua Jia Fen is priced at a reasonable S$19.90 per carton, with 6 cups in each carton. Purchase 3 cartons at only S$58.80 and delivery fee will be waived too!

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