Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow – Oyster Omelette With Huge Oysters For Just $5!

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I love my oyster omelette with more crispy than gooey bits. Hence, I was really glad to find Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow in a small coffee shop at Block 435A Hougang.

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The owners, Mr Ong and his wife, Mdm Lim, are oyster omelette experts. They started selling Oyster Omelette & Char Kway Teow 30 years ago in a humble pasar malam stall. They then decided to start their own stall in Blk 10 Hougang Avenue 7 before relocating to their current location about 12 years ago.

It is interesting how they divide out their jobs so distinctly. Mdm Lim is in charge of taking orders and frying the Char Kway Teow orders, while Mr Ong is the master of the Oyster Omelette. Regulars will know that their homemade chilli sauce is a must have! The couple painstakingly makes this dipping sauce from scratch using fresh chillies instead of store bought chilli paste. Patrons can help themselves to this awesome chilli which is placed at a table in front of the stall. The slightly sour chilli and garlic mixture just brings the dish to another level.

hougang-orh-lua chilli oyster

We couldn’t decide if we should try the Oyster Omelette ($5) or the Prawn Omelette ($5), so we decided to get both!

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Their Oyster Omelette was really fragrant! Mr Ong believes that it is because he uses pork lard to fry his Oyster Omelette. Surprisingly, it did not seem too oily. This might not be a top choice for health conscious Singaporeans, but the bursting flavours can definitely justify this occasional indulgence. It had a really nice combination of textures with more crispy bits than gooey bits. There was also a slight char on the crispy bits. The oysters were huge, with a nice creamy texture! You will hardly be able to find such big oysters in oyster omelettes nowadays.

hougang-orh-lua prawn
hougang-orh-lua prawns close up

Prawn Omelette is something that is not as commonly found. Being a fan of prawns, I just had to try it. Although the omelette tasted rather similar to that in the Oyster version, the prawn one had a tinge of sweetness. The prawns were fresh and succulent and I actually preferred this version! Mr Ong serves his customers with a lot of heart. He shared that he would usually cater to the needs of his regulars and fry the Omelette to their liking. For instance, while he normally fries up a plate with more crispy bits, he told us that some older customers find it tough to bite and requests for a gooier version.

hougang-orh-lua char kway teow
hougang-orh-lua ckt and prawn omelette

Now, the Char Kway Teow($3.50) might not be something that I will rave about, but it was decent enough to receive a mention. It had ingredients such as Chinese Sausage, Fish Cake, Bean Sprouts and Cockles. It wasn’t as fragrant as I thought it would be but it had a tinge of wok hei, and hint of sweetness.

So happy to have found yet another hidden treasure right in the heartlands of Hougang! I will definitely be back soon for more Prawn Omelette!

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