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Chris Kway Chap 瑞庆粿汁 at Bedok 216 could very well be a top contender for the best Kway Chap in Singapore.

This highly-recommended stall often attracts long line once it opens at 8am in the morning, and till 2pm (or sold out).

Here’s another catch: the stall only operates from Thursday to Sundays.

Only 4 days a week, close at 2pm, so make sure to plan your visit to get the good stuff.

Chris and his assistant run the queue-magnet stall.

The secret comes the seemingly bottomless pot, simmering a well-balanced braising liquid – it is both sweet and savoury and carries herbal notes.

All ingredients, from thoroughly cleaned intestines to pork belly, are braised for hours in this potent pot of umami flavour.

Another secret to its success is that Chris is particular about keeping all the intestine and parts clean, and braises them separately (rather than dump them together in a pot).

This is also to maintain consistency and so that each item maintains an optimum texture and ‘cleanliness’.

Though not the cheapest of them all, you can get a bowl of kway and a platter for meats starting at $5.00.

This is a “set menu” which includes the chef’s choice of 5 items. So some customers may not like that they cannot choose their preferred 5 items.

You can choose to top up additional items such as egg, tau pok, tau kwa, pig skin, pork knuckle, pork belly, preserved vegetables (only weekends) and tau kee.

Chris’ kway (the rice noodle sheets) is tissue-thin, rather soft, smooth and light and not too clumpy. Their sweet-savoury herbal soy-based broth leans more on the sweetish side.

What I enjoyed was the broth of the kway was clean-tasting, and remained very hot and thus comforting (not sure how it would be like after dabao).

If you prefer yours savoury, you may be left craving for more salty flavour. This sweetness runs across the broth, sauce, and the meats. You can add fried garlic bits and aromatic oil according to your taste.

Complement your kway with the braised offals and other ingredients, doused in sauce before serving on a pool of watery brown sauce.

You get 5 of the mainstays, from pork belly, pork skin, pork trotter, well-cleaned pig intestines, bean curd, egg, and tau pok.

Deeply infused with sweet-savoury herbal flavours from the braising stock, the pork remained tender and juicy. Likewise, the intestines are soft but with a spring to its bite. Even the eggs are braised all the way through.

To balance off the flavours, there offer a tangy chili dip that tastes sweet-savoury with sour notes.

One of those few Kway Chap stalls that I find managed both the kway and pig offals equally well. Main things that would deter people is the long queue and short opening hours.

Chris Kway Chap 瑞庆粿汁
216 Bedok North Street 1, #01-80 Block 216 Bedok North Street 1 Market & Food Centre Singapore 460216
Opening Hours: 8am – 2pm (Thu – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

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