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Craving for some “Food King Good” Crab XO Fried Rice, juicy Ang Kar Prawns, Truffle Gyoza, and Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Karaage?

Yes, NOC’s Ryan said on video that “When all this (Circuit Breaker) is over, I want to go there personally to eat everything there.” EVERYTHING.

CHICHI Dining is a modern Asian fusion cuisine restaurant in a minimalist setting, recently established along Amoy Street where you can never get enough of food choices.

Explore their re-orchestrated Japanese-inspired dishes, delivered with tweaks and unexpected ingredients.

Their menu spans across a la carte small bites, rice and noodles, meats, seafood, veggies, desserts and set meals.

Islandwide delivery is available with order form here or via Chope Delivery. (Order at least 2 hours in advance.)

Bento Sets start at $10 Nett for one pax (Garlic & Egg Fried Rice, Fried Chicken Karaage, Mini Spicy Chawanmushi, and Bak Choy) and Set Menus for 2, 4 and 6 diners ($88, $140, $200) are also available for delivery.

For families getting takeaways, their 8-course or 10-course sets feature chef-recommended signature items like Spicy Chawanmushi, Fried Brown Rice, And Kar Prawns and many more.

Here are the top items to order from CHICHI Dining:

Crab XO Fried Rice ($20) MUST-GET
The top chef-recommended item is this wok-fried dish is made with Japanese pearl rice tossed in egg, sugar peas, nori (seaweed), and a special XO sauce made in-house.

Highlighting this dish is the soft and delicate topping of sweet lump crab meat, contrasted and complemented with smoky salty tobiko.

When you dabao or get it delivered, the tobiko are packed separately and topped to your own liking.

Here’s what I like about this dish: the chunks of sweet fresh crabmeat, and the wok-hei (even though I am not sure if it is fried with an actual wok) that still remains after a long while.

Charred Edamame ($6)
Start off your meal these protein-packed appetisers, whole edamame bean pods wok-charred ‘til blistered and blackened in some spots.

What follows is a simple seasoning with salty shio kombu (Japanese salted kelp) and nori. An addictive vegetarian option under Small Bites.

Spicy Chawanmushi ($12)
Try the chef-recommended Spicy Chawanmushi, a peppery rendition of the traditional savoury Japanese egg custard.

Prepared using Sze Chuan peppers, the eggs are mixed with dashi broth, steamed and served with burnt corn kernels, shelled edamame beans, and fresh spring onions.

Ang Kar Prawns ($23)
Enjoy these large pieces of Ang Kar prawns – wild caught prawns specially sourced from local suppliers.

While they still covered in their thin charred-off-the-edges shells, they are easy to remove, or you can do a suck of their juices.

Imparting sea-reminiscent flavour to this dish is shio kombu (Japanese salted kelp) combined with garlic for a pungent punch.

The bright yellow pool of burnt butter is the perfect stage for these bouncy, crunchy, and sweet grilled prawns – very meaty which has a similar texture to lobsters.

Keep some of that burnt butter sauce to be poured over the Fried Brown Rice.

Fried Brown Rice ($16)
A chef’s recommendation and a choice for vegetarian, this dish features nutty, toasted notes from the Japanese brown rice complemented by the aroma of garlic oil.

Umami flavours are woven in as soft fluffy rice is tossed with generous amounts of egg, shiitake mushrooms, hijiki seaweed, and garlic chips.

As a finale, it is topped with loads of crisp-fried beancurd skin and spring onions.

For deliveries, the beancurd skin is packed separately so that it retains its crunch and slight sweetness.

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Karaage ($14)
Craving for a crisp savoury snack? This signature Small Bites will settle those nibbling pangs away.

Get chunks of chicken thighs seasoned and covered in a spiced buttermilk batter, then deep-fried twice to a satisfying crisp.

Served with lemon wedges for a tingle of citrus flavour.

This surprisingly still retained some of its crispiness after delivery, and one of my favourite Karaage I had in Singapore – just simple and juicy.

Broccolini ($10)
Don’t skip your greens – add an a la carte order of their grilled broccolini florets and pick up a nice char and crunch.

Mellower in flavour and tenderer than broccoli, this broccoli-gai lan hybrid is seasoned with sea salt and tossed in olive oil before grilling.

Smoked Chestnut & Truffle Gyoza ($13)
Another Japanese-inspired appetiser, these pan-fried dumplings are deconstructed – prepared as looped gyoza skins topped with torched wedges of brie.

A trio is served atop creamy pureed smoked chestnuts steeped in alluring truffle, sprinkled with micro greens and pickled shallots. A single bite for each is recommended.

Crème Caramel ($8)
Get the chef-recommended meal-ender Crème Caramel only when you dine or go takeaway (not available for delivery).

Treat yourself to a velvety smooth dessert made with Madagascar vanilla, cream, and a luscious caramel syrup.

Islandwide Delivery
CHICHI Dining provides islandwide delivery for $10 for orders above $45. For orders below $45, a delivery fee of $15 is applied. Order at least 2 hours in advance. Additional $5 to Jurong / Tuas / Changi area.

There are 3 ways of ordering:
a) Website: Click order form here
b) Tel: Call +65 6977 7375 or Whatsapp text +65 9231 7934
c) Chope Delivery: Via

The recommended would be the CHICHI Set A ($88 for 2 pax) which includes the signature dishes of Charred Edamade, Spicy Chawanmushi, Fried Brown Rice, Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Karaage, Ang Kar Prawns, and Broccolini.

Customers can get cash back on SHOPBACK for takeaways.

Check out the full menu here:

Nesuto Patisserie Online Delivery
If you are thinking of a sweet treat to pair with your meal, order from Nesuto Patisserie (CHICHI’s sister café), and enjoy FREE Delivery of any whole cake by ordering online:

Nesuto Patisserie serves up gorgeous cakes such as Yuzu Raspberry, Le ‘Omm’ (matcha and azuki red beans), Le ‘Mmm’ (combination of all things chocolate), C3 Cheesecake, Le Goma, and Mango Passion Lime Cheesecake.

For lovers of roasted tea taste of Houjicha, get your hands on the Seasonal Cake of Konichiwa Hōjicha ($65 for 16cm). This cake is exclusive for online orders (nope, you can’t find this sliced cake in store).

The cake consists of Hōjicha Ganache and Hōjicha Chantilly in between layers of Hōjicha Soufflé Chiffon Sponge, topped with Hōjicha Tea Specks. Enjoy the smooth creamy cake with the rich, roasted tea flavour with a hint of sweetness.

92 Amoy Street #01-01 Singapore 069911
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

* This post is brought to you in partnership with CHICHI Dining.

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