Baker’s Brew – One Of The Best Ondeh Ondeh and Chendol Cakes In Singapore. Also Check Out Their NEW Christmas Cakes

The Ondeh Ondeh Cake has become one of Singapore’s most popular trending cake that we can proudly say has local origins. And Baker’s Brew offers one of the best versions around, plus it is not that sweet. Ah, that moist pandan sponge along with fragrant gula melaka and desiccated coconut. Other than the Ondeh Ondeh
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The Ondeh Ondeh Cake has become one of Singapore’s most popular trending cake that we can proudly say has local origins.

And Baker’s Brew offers one of the best versions around, plus it is not that sweet. Ah, that moist pandan sponge along with fragrant gula melaka and desiccated coconut.

Other than the Ondeh Ondeh Cake, there are many noteworthy “Classic Cakes” offered including Roasted Pistachio and Rose Cake, Matcha Azuki Cake, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Classic Basque Cheesecake, and Dual Fromage.

If chocolate is your favourite thing, then the Christmas specials from Baker’s Brew Studio will be awesome for your Christmas parties and giftings.

That is because many of their festive cakes have an element of chocolate within.

Check out below the signature Blackforest Belgium Dark Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Hazelnut Ferrero Yule Log; there are the ultra-cute Mini Rudolph, Forest Veil, and Santa’s Gift which will make great desserts for small gatherings.

The icing on the cake? There is FREE Delivery at with a minimum spend of $80. More below:

Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($58.00 for 6”)
Easily my favourite from Baker’s Brew. Built on a stack of two pandan-flavoured sponge cakes, this artisanal cake is baked perfectly to achieve that airy yet moist texture.

In between pillow soft cakes are bits of desiccated coconut mixed with a gooey, aromatic gula melaka filling.

The flavours of coconut are extended to its pastel green and white buttercream icing, and toasted coconut and coconut cookie toppings.

The special Ondeh Ondeh balls complete the look of Baker’s Brew’s best-selling signature cake.

I enjoy that there was that distinct pandan fragrance, caramelised sweetness, yet not being too cloying. Possibly one of the best Ondeh Ondeh Cakes you can find in Singapore.

Lychee Mango Cake ($58 for 6”)
This fruity-flavoured cake combines the floral sweetness of mango and the sweet musky aroma of lychee.

Mango-flavoured curd and jelly-like chunks of lychee are filled in between two layers of lychee-infused sponge cakes.

Frosted in a cheerful two-tone mango buttercream, this sunny cake is decked with the yellow French macarons and lychee balls.

You get the taste of tropical-fruity sweetness in this, best to have on a breezy lazy afternoon with a cup of tea with friends.

Earl Grey Lavender Cake ($58 for 6”)
You may just go “so pretty!” with this elegant looking yet under-stated cake. If you are seeking a less-sweet cake, this is it.

Fans of Earl Grey tea will adore this two-tone lavender-hued cake, made with two layers of light sponge cakes.

Black tea flavours and the citrusy aroma bergamot extracts soak up soft layers, filled in between with Earl Grey liquid cheese.

With lavender buttercream frosting, and ornaments like lavender sprigs, light purplish French macarons, and dollops of Earl Grey cream cheese, this cake exudes elegance and grace.

Chendol Cake ($58.00 for 6”)
Celebrate heritage and unique tastes in this layered cake inspired by the traditional sweet iced dessert chendol.

Made with alternating layers of fragrant pandan-imbued sponge and coconut hoon kueh, this cake features creamy red beans and green chendol jelly within the pudding.

As a finale, it is topped with a sweet shiny layer of gula melaka-enhanced agar agar.

Take a bite and you can experience three different textures in one – slippery jelly, followed by smooth coconut layer, and complete with fluffy sponge.

Rose-Scented Watermelon Cake ($78.00 for 6”)
Veer off from the classic round cakes and try this rectangular dacquoise, a cake made with layers of almond meringue, rose-scented mascarpone whipped cream, and a buttery biscuit base.

This French-and-Australian inspired dessert has a wonderfully crisp texture from the low-temperature baked meringue.

Complementing this light crispness are crunchy toasted almond slivers and refreshing slices of watermelon and fresh strawberries.

This will be the centre of attraction of any gatherings you bring this to.

Pandan Basque Cheesecake ($48.00 for 6”)
An extra fragrant version of the Classic Basque Cheesecake, this pandan-flavoured dessert comes in two layers – a pastel green base and a light yellow top.

Though rich and creamy, this cheesecake is not too sweet and light as a cloud.

I would personally wish that the centre portion is more molten, but its distinct burnt exterior and caramelised edges do complement the aromatic pandan and cheese custard center.

Hojicha Swiss Roll ($22.80)
If you love the taste of Japanese green tea, the Hojicha Swiss Roll is highly recommended.

The charcoal roasted tea leaves add an earthy aroma to the light and fluffy sponge cake, rolled and cream-filled Swiss-roll style.

Even the cream is infused with hojicha to balance out the oriental flavours. A perfect pairing for a smooth and mellow cup of Japanese tea.

Christmas 2020 Special – Black Forest Chocolate Grazing Cake ($78 for 6”)
Make this gold-leafed colourfully decked Black Forest cake the centrepiece of your celebration.

This towering cake is made with layers of chocolate sponge, filled with a rich cherry compote in between.

Help yourself with all kinds of fruit and nut as you graze over these cake toppers – from different kinds of berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries) to pieces of figs and grapes.

Christmas 2020 Special – Chocolate Hazelnut Ferrero Yule Log ($48)
If you are for the more traditional log cakes, go for this indulgent flourless chocolate log cake filled with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate crémeux.

The cake is further topped with hand-piped buttercream pine cones, and sage and rosemary leaves, for a more decorative ‘log’ cake.

The luxe chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts make this a rich, decadent favourite.

Christmas 2020 Special – Mini Cakes of Santa’s Gift, Mini Rudolph and Forest Veil ($9.80 each)
Throw a splash of cheery Christmas colours to your celebratory spread with these mini Christmas

The essential holiday red comes from the Santa’s Gift – a raspberry-filled chocolate mousse cake with a flourless chocolate sponge, topped with a hand-piped Santa hat and rimmed with white snowy buttercream.

Add a touch of playful yellow and include this Rudolph-inspired mini cake flavoured with passionfruit gelée on an almond dacquoise sponge and coconut mousse, finished with chocolate antlers and a macaron for the signature red nose.

Pair that with evergreen in the form of Forest Veil of apple-pie filling on a cinnamon almond dacquoise sponge, with vanilla bean mousse, topped with a green buttercream winter pine tree.

FREE Delivery with a minimum spend of $80. Valid until 30 Nov. Pre-order from 3 days in advance for “Classic Cakes”. Head over to for more details.

Pre-order before December 10 and use code ‘XMAS2020’ for 10% OFF Early Bird Discount on all Christmas items.

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