11 Peach Delivery Services In Singapore – Where To Get Juicy Peaches During Peach Season

While most fruits are available all year round, they have their varying seasons. This means that different fruits taste better during certain parts of the year even if they are harvested from the same area. Fans of peaches will be … Continue reading →
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While most fruits are available all year round, they have their varying seasons. This means that different fruits taste better during certain parts of the year even if they are harvested from the same area.

Fans of peaches will be glad to know that the peach season is just around the corner. The period between July and August is when these plump, juicy fruits are at their peak and it’s the best time for you to stock up on them.

Here is a list of 12 places where you can get the sweetest peaches in Singapore during peach season.

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3388 FRUITS PEACHESPhoto Credit: 3388 Fruits 


Known for its premium fruits delivery in Singapore, 3388 Fruits is a relatively new online fruit store that supplies freshly imported fruits.

Amongst the wide variety of fruit that they have for sale, there is a myriad of different peaches for you to sample. This includes Turkey Saturn Peaches (S$6 for 7 peaches) and USA White Peaches (S$11 for 3 peaches). They also have premium Yamanashi Peaches (S$38 for 1 set of peaches) that are available for preorder.

Whatsapp or text +65 8818 3210 to place an order for these juicy peaches from 3388 Fruits. You can check out their website and Instagram for updates. Get free islandwide fruit delivery when you make an order over S$80. Orders below S$80 are charged delivery rates ranging from S$8 to $15.

FRESHDIRECT PEACHESPhoto Credit: Freshdirect 


Since 1999, FRESHdirect has been delivering super fresh produce to commercial kitchens, eateries, hotels and homes all over the country. Run by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, the online fruit retailer brings in an impressive range of fruits, providing plenty of variety for their consumers.

Aside from Yellow Peaches (S$3.99 for 2 peaches) and Family Tree Farm White Peaches (S$2.09 for 2 peaches), they also carry Organic Peaches (S$8.99 for 7 peaches).

Get these fresh peaches online by ordering them from FRESHdirect’s website. Enjoy free islandwide peach delivery with a minimum order of S$50.

FRUIT CLUBPhoto Credit: Fruit Club SG 


The Fruit Club SG works directly with farmers and wholesalers to provide their customers with the freshest fruit available in the market. You can also get discounts when you buy in bulk.

A bundle of 4 Japan Yamanashi Peaches are available for S$105. If you can’t get enough of Fruit Club SG’s peaches, you can also buy 8 kilograms worth of their USA Peaches for S$180 or 8 kilograms worth of USA White Large Sized Peaches for S$148.

Fruit Club SG provides free islandwide fruits delivery for their fleshy, juicy peaches with a minimum order of S$40. Check them out on their website.

FRUITS KINGS PEACHESPhoto Credit: Fruits King Delivery 


Fruits King Delivery is a fruit and vegetable stall in Punggol that delivers a wide range of basic to premium fruits to your doorstep so you don’t have to leave the house to do so. There are different and limited seasonal premium fruits available for order daily, so fastest fingers first!

They sell top-grade Japan Yamanashi Peaches for S$30 per set of 2 pieces and S$58 for 2 sets. Aside from that, they also have US Peaches for S$11 per set of 3 pieces.

Whatsapp 8286 1964 to order these peaches from Fruits King Delivery or contact them on Facebook for free islandwide fruits delivery in Singapore.

FRUITWERKZPhoto Credit: Fruitwerkz 


Fruitwerkz is an affiliate of Lim Tean Lye Trading, which has been in the fruit business since 1984. Their impressive array of fruits and prompt delivery services have made them a popular online fruit seller amongst Singaporeans. With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured that your fruits are in good hands.

Their Vitamin C-packed White Peaches will set you back by just S$12 for a bundle of 3 while the Donut Peaches cost just S$12 for a 454-gram pack.

Order these juicy peaches online from Fruitwerkz’s website.


Kyoho-ya was launched in Takashimaya B2 Food Hall as a premium seasonal fruits gift boutique. Apart from some of the finest seasonal Japanese Fruits, they also import a number of highly exclusive Japan prefecture specialities that are hard to find anywhere else.

One such species of premium peaches that they carry is the Onshitsu Momo House Peach from the Yamanashi Prefecture (S$168 per box of peaches). Need a gift idea for a friend? Get their House of Peaches Gift Box (4 pieces of peaches for S$150) which consists of peaches from the Nagano prefecture.

Head on over to Kyoho-ya’s physical store at Takashimaya Ngee Ann City to bring home these peaches during peach season. Alternatively, you can opt for home delivery and get these peaches delivered to you. They provide free peach delivery for orders above S$200 and a S$20 delivery fee applies for fruits delivery below S$200.

LAZYFRUITSPhoto Credit: Lazyfruits 


With years of experience, the produce here at Lazyfruits are meticulously sorted and sourced to ensure quality control across all their products. They also offer to replace fruits that are damaged or bruised at the point of delivery, so they may not be that lazy after all.

While they don’t have an extensive range of peaches to choose from like some of the other brands on this list, whatever they have is of the best quality. Choose from Japan Peaches (S$19.90 per peach) to USA Donut Peaches (S$10.90 for 4 peaches).

Lazyfruits does islandwide delivery with a minimum order of S$50. They also provide free fruits delivery with orders above S$75. Orders below S$5 will be charged a flat delivery rate of S$5. Visit their website to place your orders.

LITTLE FARM PEACHPhoto Credit: Little Farms 


An established food grocer in Singapore, Little Farms specialises in providing fresh foodstuffs for all your needs. To ensure the quality of their products, they work with reputable farmers and artisans all over the world to provide their customers with only the best.

Get your vitamin A and C boost with the Yellow Peaches (S$4.88 per peach) from Little Farms. They also sell White Peaches (S$5.28 per peach) that have numerous health benefits.

Engage in Little Farm’s islandwide delivery services here and have them send over some of their peaches during Peach Season. You can also head down to one of their physical stores to check out their peach selection.

MOMOBUD WHITE PEACHPhoto Credit: Momobud 


Momobud’s mission is to become one of Singapore’s most renowned premium fruit sellers. They are affiliated with Red Fruit Trading, a family-owned business that has been selling fantastic fruits since 2001.

‘Momo’ in Japanese translates to peach and the brand could not have a more accurate name. They have an extensive range of peaches that will render you spoilt for choice with the likes of Japanese Ryuuumon Wase White Peaches (S$15 per peach), California Saturn Donut Peach (S$12 for a box of 4 peaches) and California White Peaches (S$10 for 3 pieces).

Get free islandwide fruits delivery when your order is S$100 and above. There is a minimum order of S$50 and orders below S$100 will be charged a flat fee of S$7. Pick out your peaches here. You can also opt to visit their store at 138 Robinson Road to physically pick out the best peaches that they have to offer.  

OPENTASTE PEACH Photo Credit: Opentaste 


For efficient fruits delivery services with reasonably priced products, engage in Opentaste. They source their fruit from over 200 farms across 6 countries which are then delivered to your door in exceptional condition. They avoid working with distributors, farm brokers, importers and exporters to ensure that you pay competitive and reasonable prices for your produce.

If you plan to bulk buy peaches for the whole family, get their Peach White Value Pack (S$9.99 per set) which comes with 10 pieces of plump peaches. Opentaste also sells Flat Donut Peaches for just S$10.99 for 2 pieces.

Get fruit delivery for your peaches online from Open Taste via their website.



Yaya Papaya has every right to be ‘yaya’ (Singlish for proud) about their fruit delivery services. They are located at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, one of Singapore’s prime fruit and vegetable hub, and for over 30 years, they’ve been supplying fresh picks to markets and homes. Being in Singapore’s food industry for so long, they have plenty of reason to be ‘yaya’ about their services.

They sell sweet and crunchy Yellow Flesh Peaches at S$8.80 for 500 grams. People who prefer donut peaches can get their dimpled Spanish Donut Peaches for just S$8 for 500 grams.

Have Yaya Papaya’s peaches carted over to your house for free when you spend over S$45. Start choosing your peaches online on their website now!


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