10 Brunch & Dessert Cafes In The EAST For Your East Coast Plan

If your East Coast plan is to venture to some hipster cafes, you are in luck. Stretching from Joo Chiat, Katong, East Coast Park, to Siglap, there are so many quaint shophouses housing charming cafes and colourful eateries. People always say that the East has better food. Agree? Some of the other cafes you can
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If your East Coast plan is to venture to some hipster cafes, you are in luck.

Stretching from Joo Chiat, Katong, East Coast Park, to Siglap, there are so many quaint shophouses housing charming cafes and colourful eateries.

People always say that the East has better food. Agree?

Some of the other cafes you can find in that whole stretch include Rabbit Carrot Gun (49 East Coast Road), 2Six Cafe (88 East Coast Road, Katong Square), Project Acai (217 East Coast Road), Group Therapy Coffee (Katong V), Bread & Hearth (Katong V), An Acai Affair (101 East Coast Road), Ninethirty (131 East Coast Road), The Communal Place (465 Joo Chiat Road), Second Storey Cafe Bar (19 East Coast Road), St Marc Bakery and Bar (920 East Coast Parkway Parkland Green), 1110 PS. Cafe (East Coast Parkway), and Dutch Colony Coffee Co (Frankel Ave).

Here are 10 more cafes you can include in your East Coast plan:

Birds Of Paradise Gelato Boutique
63 East Coast Road #01-05 (Opposite Katong I12 and Roxy Square) Singapore 428776
Tel: +65 9678 6092
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Tues –Sun), Closed Mon

Gelato Of Natural, Delicate Flavours With Michelin Recommendation
Have to include BOP, right? Birds of Paradise is so named because the shop creates gelato inspired by the botanical flavours of nature. That means fruits, flowers, pods, herbs, and spices.

Not many may know that the Michelin Guide Singapore actually recommended this ice cream café with a “Michelin Plate”.

The owner was inspired to make ice cream since more than a decade ago, experimenting with all types of flavours, till he wanted to settle for something more natural, unique and healthy at the same time.

Some of its signature flavours include Basil, Lychee Raspberry, Spiced Pear, Mint Cacao, Strawberry Basil, Pandan and White Chrysanthemum.

The accompanying Thyme Cone (additional $1) which was made fresh on-the-spot, was absolutely the best thing. Especially when the scent fills up the entire space. Birds Of Paradise (East Coast Road)

Micro Bakery & Kitchen – Red House
63 East Coast Road #01-06 Singapore 428776
Opening Hours: 8:30pm – 5pm Last Order 3pm (Wed – Fri), 8:30pm – 5pm, Last Order 4:30pm (Sat – Sun)

Bakery Café With Delicious Breads Hidden Within The Iconic Red House
The Red House is an iconic fixture along East Coast Building, now housed by Micro Bakery & Kitchen.

Their breads are naturally leavened using organic and sustainable flour, using natural ingredients and no additives.

Its brunch menu includes Big Breakfast ($18), Granola ($8), Smoked Salmon on Sourdough English Muffin ($18), Micro Club Sandwich ($14), Grilled 3 Cheese Sandwich ($12), Ricotta Tartine ($12), Smashed Avocado Tartine ($14) and Scrambled Free Range Egg Tartine ($14).

The Brownies ($5, $6 each) here are not to be missed – chocolatey, dense and moist, sometimes coming with interesting flavours such as cookies and cream, Bischof, and even miso with coconut flakes suitable for vegans. Micro Bakery & Kitchen Red House (East Coast)

Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427671
Tel: +65 6345 5034
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Thurs, Sun), 12pm – 12am (Fri – Sat)

Popular Cakes With Heritage Twist
Sinpopo Brand is a familiar restaurant-café located at Katong known for its heritage menu with a twist.

Also look forward to traditional kueh recipes with modern presentations.

Think Pandan Kaya Cake, Gula Melaka Cake, Pulut Hitam Cake, Dar Dar Mille Crepe and Putu Piring Cake – familiar nostalgic treats of well-loved local flavours made into cake forms.

The Pandan Kaya Cake is the best-seller. Inspired by the tiered dessert kueh salat, the cake is tinged with a beautiful natural blue from Blue Pea flowers, often used in Peranakan cuisine.

In between the cake layers is the luscious slow-cooked slow-stirred pandan kaya spread and fresh coconut cream.

What I really like about this cake is that you get a bit of that fluffy chiffon and creamy nostalgic kaya coming together – a blend of two favourite cakes coming together. Good to go with black coffee. Sinpopo Brand (Katong)

Homeground Coffee Roasters
475 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427682
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Artisanal Coffee Place At Joo Chiat
Homeground Coffee Roasters is a cafe with a retail space and coffee beans roastery within.

The menu is short and concise, with coffee such as Black ($4.50), White ($4.50/$5.50), Filter Coffee ($6), Cold Brew ($5), Mocha ($6.50) and Hot Chocolate ($6).

An extra espresso shot or the Iced version is available at an additional $0.50.

2 options for the coffee beans are available: Vanta (blend of 50% Brazil, 50% Colombia) recommended for espresso-based drinks and Las Esperanza, Cacua Valley (single origin from Colombia) for filtered coffee.

Food wise, they have a concise menu (items rotating) with mains such as Level Up Kaya Toast ($8), Chicken’s Party ($12), B Experience ($13) which is lemon avocado mash on sour dough, It’s A Wrap ($14) of Italian pork sausage, scrambled egg and hash sticks in tortilla wrap, and What A Chick ($16) of flame-grilled whole chicken leg in sundried tomato cream sauce served with sourdough.

There used to be an art gallery space, though it was removed to make space for additional seating area.

Forty Hands – East Coast
226 East Coast Road Singapore 428923
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

From Tiong Bahru To 2nd Outlet at East Coast
The café was named 40 Hands because 20 people are required in the production of its coffee, from plant to cup.

Other than coffee, the café at East Coast serves up brunch items such as Smashed Avo on Toast, Eggs Benedict, Homemade Granola, Banana Bacon French Toast and Eggs Cocotte.

People do go for the Tau Sar Pau – not cheap, but somehow extra fluffy, not too sweet, and goes well with a Cold Brew.

Brawn & Brains Coffee
218 East Coast Road Singapore 428916
Opening Hours: 8am – 5:30pm (Tues – Fri), 8:30am – 6pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon

Quality Coffee With Minimalist Vibes
While the coffee place is seldom in-your-face and not often in the radar, it has gathered quite a loyal fan-base over the years who vouch for their quality of coffee.

The Easties should like this space, it has natural light, minimalist decor and this easy-going calm vibes.

In terms of food, you can look forward to the Crispy Fried Chicken Burger ($16.50), Eggs and Bacon Cheeseburger ($14.90), Juicy Grilled Bratwurst with Poached Eggs, Hash and Mesclun Salad ($18.80), Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($15.80), Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms ($16) and Good Ol’ Classic Pancake ($13.90).

As for coffee, a house blend of “Pen & Pencil” is used, with beans from Brazil, Columbia, Ethopia, offering black, white, mocha, and iced versions.

Mod Cafe
1A Kuo Chuan Avenue Singapore 426888
Tel: +65 9816 1877
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Hidden Café Serving Delicious Cheesecakes
Unless you specifically knew that there is a café within this single storey long house along East Coast Road, chances of you entering it would be low.

Mod Café is situated in refurnished pink-coloured single storey detached house (with ample outdoor parking space), right next to a hair salon.

There was a revamp after Bill Ho (from Eight Cafe & Bar) was brought in.

For mains, there are items House Special Crispy Brown Rice Risotto (vegetarian) ($16.90), Simply Breakfast with Portobello Mushroom ($16.90), Asian Truffle Soba with Mushroom ($15.90), ‘ChongYouBing’ Waffle ($7.90, $12.90), Gratin Potatoes with melts burn cheese ($10.90).

Moving to the desserts, expect Earl Grey Waffle With Maple Syrup, Stawberry & Banana ($7.90), Coconut Waffle With Gula Melaka Sauce & Grated Coconut ($790) and Chocolate Banana Waffle w/ Melted Chocolate Chips & Fruits ($7.90).

A highlight is that they also serve up Cheesecakes ($7.90, $8.90 a slice) from The Cheesecake Factory, in flavours of original, key lime and caramel.

Penny University
402 East Coast Road, Singapore 428997
Tel: +65 6345 9055
Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Penny University is one of the longest standing hipster café along East Coast, having been around since 2012.

They source specialty beans from local roasters, freshly baked bread, and artisanal cakes by local bakers.

Prices of the brunch items have been kept relatively inexpensive, with popular items including French Toast ($11.90), Turkish Eggs ($9.50), Eggs Benedict ($15), Turkey Ham and Cheese Croissant ($5.80), Mediterranean Breakfast ($17), Penny’s Mac & Cheese ($14.80), Moroccan Baked Egg ($14.50), and Folded Eggs with Crab & Chillies ($10.50).

Cafe De Nicole’s Flower
224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm (Tue – Sun), Closed Mon

Floral-Themed Café With Soufflé Pancakes
While many new cafes in Singapore has gone for a minimalist or industrial concept, Cafe De Nicole’s Flower focuses on a garden theme.

And this is not just about the aesthetical aspect but also through its presentation and scent.

Something that caught my attention is the addition of flowers, be it dried or fresh flowers, in all the desserts and drinks that I ordered.

Even though the souffle pancakes may not seem as tall, wobbly or bouncy (worthy for a Boomerang shot), this plate of soufflé pancakes is a piece of art on its own, with sauces, fruits and flowers used for plating. Cafe De Nicole’s Flower (Telok Kurau Road)

Stamping Ground Coffee
87 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455223
Tel: +65 9070 7610
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

Stamping Ground Coffee is a great place in the east to chill the afternoon away with friends, provided the space does not get too crowded.

The name “Stamping ground” mean a habitual or favourite gathering place, and the choice of name for chic-contemporary coffee place is quite appropriate.

Items on the menu include Avocado & Smoked Salmon Toast, Creamy Truffle Mushroom Toast, Bacon Jam Sandwich, Roast Beef Burger, Hawaiian Pulled Pork Burger and Umami Egg Croissant.

The Bacon Jam ($13) is one of its most popular item, with sweetish-savoury bacon jam tasting like soft ang-moh version bak kwa spreaded on soft, lightly toasted brioche.

Cutting it through would reveal oozy baked egg in the middle.

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