10 Best Snacks In The Supermarket You’ve Been Missing Out On — Chips, Wafer Sticks And More

Is it just us or does the break between lunch and dinner always feel incredibly long? By 4pm, most of us would be itching for some munchies. Whether it’s a Kit Kat bar or a bag of Ruffles, snacks are … Continue reading →
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Is it just us or does the break between lunch and dinner always feel incredibly long? By 4pm, most of us would be itching for some munchies. Whether it’s a Kit Kat bar or a bag of Ruffles, snacks are a real lifesaver during the afternoon slump.

Most of us gravitate to the same few snacks in the supermarket. But in the vast ocean of tidbits laid out on in the aisles lie hidden gems that you may not have tried before. Well, that’s why we’re here.

We’ve rounded up 10 supermarket snacks in Singapore you’ve been missing out on. Ranging from wafer sticks to mochi, there’s something for everybody!

Snack Bamboo House Mochi

Photo Credit: Fairprice


Bouncy, soft and chewy, mochi is one of our all-time favourite desserts. While nothing can beat fresh mochi, these packaged ones from Bamboo House come pretty close. Each mochi is stuffed to the brim with filling and has a beautifully soft, elastic skin.

Their chewy texture is so addictive you’ll be sold on the first bite. Their mochi is available in a variety of flavours, such as Green Tea, Taro, Peanut and Sesame.

Carried by Fairprice.

Snack Combos Cheddar Cheese Baked Cracker

Photo Credit: Fairprice


Ever taken a bite of something and just went “woah”? Yeah, this is what happened with Combos Cheddar Cheese Baked Cracker. These bullet-shaped crackers don’t look like much but they are surprisingly good.

The crunchy biscuits are stuffed with cheddar-flavoured filling. Even though it isn’t the real deal, we couldn’t care less because of how tasty they are.

Carried by Fairprice.

Snacks Crispy Chocolatey Rice Cereal

Photo Credit: Fairprice


Blue dinosaur, glossy packaging and kiddish fonts — this snack was made for kids and it certainly dresses the part. But, these cereal-filled chocolate bars are so good even adults can’t resist.

Each chocolate bar is loaded with malt and rice cereal, so you get a balanced mix of cocoa richness and malty flavour. If you haven’t tried these yet, we beg you to.

Carried by Fairprice and Giant.

Snacks FOX's Chunkie Cookies Milk Chocolate Chunks

Photo Credit: UK Gourmet


Chips Ahoy can go on and take a hike. Hunky, buttery and laden with chocolate chunks, these bad boys by Fox’s are absolutely delicious. If you’re more into the crunch for your cookies, these are right up your alley.

Each pack has eight large cookies, not individually packed. They come in other flavours as well, such as Extremely Chocolatey and Triple Chocolate.

Carried by Cold Storage.

Snacks Gery Cheese Crackers

Photo Credit: Fairprice


These may look like your ordinary cheese crackers but don’t be deceived. If you’d look past the humdrum packaging, you’ll realise that you’ve struck gold with these crackers.

Gery Cheese Crackers are layered with this addictive cheese filling that will have you question for a second why you would spend more than half your wallet on a block of Camembert.

The biscuits are finished off with a sprinkle of sugar, which turns the savoury snack into an almost-dessert.

Carried by Fairprice.

Snacks Oishi Potato Fries

Photo Credit: Fairprice


Even if you’re team soggy fries, these potato fries from Oishi will have you turning your backs on your favourite limp potatoes. Crispy and airy, these potato sticks are coated in a tangy ketchup seasoning that will only burgeon your love for tomatoes.

Plus, these fries are “Baked not fried!”, so you can afford to go a little more wild with them.

Carried by Fairprice.

Snacks Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken

Photo Credit: Amazon


Red Rock Deli does some of the best potato chips out there, in our books. Their Sweet Chili & Sour Cream chips are pretty amazing but man, their Honey Soy Chicken just takes the cake.

If you close your eyes and bite into these chips, it almost tastes like you’re chomping on the crispy skin of a honey-roasted chicken. We bet you this bag of chips will be gone in one seating.

Carried by Cold Storage and Fairprice.

Snacks Redondo Luxury Wafers

Photo Credit: Fairprice


If wafer sticks aren’t packaged in sturdy tin cans like Redondo’s, we don’t want them. Seriously though, Redondo has totally upped the stakes for how wafer sticks should be.

Light and crispy but still retaining a substantial bite, these wafer sticks are insanely addictive. Their flavours range from Cookies & Cream to Chocolate-Hazelnut and we simply can’t pick our favourite.

Carried by Fairprice and Giant.

Sheila G's Brownie Brittle

Photo Credit: Lazada


You know how the crispy edges of a brownie are always the best part? Well, Sheila G is well aware of that too. So, in her journey to create a whole pan of brownie edges, these brownie brittles were born.

This genius creation won “Bakery Of The Year” by Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery in 2018. These chocolatey squares have the richness of a brownie but the crunch of a cookie. You won’t be able to stop at just one.

Carried by Cold Storage.

Snacks Torres Black Truffle Chips

Photo Credit: Lazada


The secret to making anything taste good? Truffle. Okay, maybe not anything. But let’s just say that if truffle and potato chips were on Tinder, they would make the perfect match.

These black truffle potato chips from Torres are a dream come true. The moment you open the bag, you’re hit with the sensual aroma of black truffle. Each chip is specked with real black truffle and is exploding with truffle flavour. It’s the ultimate bougie snack.

Carried by Cold Storage and Fairprice.

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